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Facing My Fears and Finding My Tribe

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I just got back from a week in New York!  I was there for a jewelry business training conference with Flourish and Thrive.  It was an extraordinary experience.  I will try and distill it down to the two most important things I got from it. 

I have never been to New York.  And, I am embarrassed to admit, I was terrified.  Terrified of getting from the airport to my hotel.  Terrified of getting mugged.  Terrified of getting lost.  But I did it.  I got on the plane and showed up in La Guardia, a New York virgin, ready to face my fears.  As I was walking to the taxi area, I saw a guy with an "Uber" sign, offering rides.  So off I went.  We drove to my hotel, and I hopped out.  The driver told me my hotel was just a few doors down.  So I walked.  No hotel.  I am standing on the street.  People and cars buzzing past me.  Realizing my first fear just came true. My hotel is 1.5 miles away.  I am lost in New York, and I am about to be mugged.  Well, the driver realized he dropped me off at the wrong location, and came back around and got me!  Tragedy averted! 

Here's what I learned.  My fear was so much bigger than reality.  This is a really tangible example, but I want to apply this new found confidence to other areas of my life.  I am afraid of people not liking me.  I will put myself out there anyway.  I am afraid of life passing by too quickly.  I will invest in the everyday anyway.  I am afraid of taking my business to the next level and failing. So, I put my heart and soul into it, and take it to the next level anyway. What are you afraid of?  What is holding you back?  You might be left on the street corner in New York, but you will be okay. You will find yourself on the other side, looking back at your fears and sighing with relief.

Lesson #2.  The value in finding your tribe.  I often feel alone.  It was so easy to make and maintain friendships in my 20's.  Now, in my (ahem) 40's I am finding it to be quite challenging.  I am in a new city (moved to Denver 2 years ago).  I work at home.  As an artist, entrepreneur, and business owner, I work a lot. I am a mom and a wife.  There is so little time, or emotional space left over. And as an adult, I have now had some painful friend break ups.  Which have left me feeling quite inept and fearful.  So my week in New York, with other like minded women was cathartic. I was intentional about being vulnerable and real.  And I made friends.  Real, lifelong friends.  I loved these women.  And they actually liked me too!  I found my tribe. They spoke into my life, and into my business.  They told me things that were hard to hear, and things that filled my heart to the brim.  Wherever you are, and whatever you have been through, you can still find your tribe.  Be intentional. Be real.  You may get burned. You may find a new tribe mate.  You are cool, fun, kind, and valuable. You are worth loving!



Fear is excitement without the breath. 

My experiences and all that I learned at this conference have given me a clear vision of where I want to go with my jewelry. I am so excited to take you on this journey with me.  I have so many ideas brewing!  I am afraid.  And that's ok.

Sneak peek as to what's to come.....   

Sneak peek as to what's to come.....