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Stone Stories, First Edition: Labradorite

Stone StoriesSarah DeAngelo

Hello Friends! We are starting a new series called Stone Stories. Each month we will feature a new stone that we use, give you a brief background, and then, for a limited time only, provide a 10% discount for a any jewelry on the website made with that stone! Enjoy!

Labradorite was first found in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. Named after Labradore, Newfoundland, northeast Canada, Labradorite became very popular among the missionaries. It also became extremely popular in jewelry in France and England during the 18th century.

Labrodorite is a stone with iridescence, known as labradorescence, a spectrum of colors that hides among a grey to black palate. It is transparent or opaque and when held to the light allows the colorful rainbow to play among it's shadowy hills.

Labradorite is said to be a stone of good luck or a power stone. It helps with understanding and concentration and is said to help you see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It brings relief, calmness, and balance to your everyday.

We love Labradorite because it pairs with everything. With it's pale-dark grey primary color and ability to reflect every color of the rainbow it is truly a stone like no other. Wear it every day!

For the remainder of July, all Labradorite is 10%off! We hope you fall in love in with this amazing stone!

5 Sure Fire gifts! Gift Guide Edition #1

Gift GuidesSarah DeAngelo

'Tis the season to find the perfect gifts.  Don't let it stress you out!  Here are some sure fire pieces of jewelry for the ladies on your list that you just don't know how to shop for. 


For the free spirited, adventurous type, I recommend these hand stamped mandala blade style earrings.  The style is so unique, you can be sure she doesn't have anything like it!

For the stylish mom.  She rarely has time for herself.  But these earrings are an easy way to feel cool, even when she doesn't have time to actually shower.

Pearls are always in style.  My take on pearls includes this unique, feminine yet rustic necklace of wire wrapped pearls.  This would make the perfect gift for someone who is feminine, yet never fussy.  She loves all things pretty, and has an easy going style.

And finally, my favorite necklace.  Easy style, but totally unique.  This classic knotted turquoise necklace has a splash of red coral, slightly off center.  Perfect for the woman with an artistic flair.  This easy to wear necklace will make her feel like the true original that she is.

I hope you find the perfect gift for that special someone!  Give her handmade, and let her know she deserves the best!

Spring Green Here I Come

EventsSarah DeAngelo

I am about to make the cross country trek from Denver CO to Spring Green WI.  This is one of my favorite art fairs!  The green rolling hills and friendly midwest people.  It is a long drive, around 16 hours!  I pass the time by listening to books on tape. 

Spring Green Arts & Crafts Fair.  June 24-25.  Spring Green WI.   h  ttp://

Spring Green Arts & Crafts Fair.  June 24-25.  Spring Green WI.

I will be bringing with me all sorts of new designs!  Here is a sneak peek!

On top of the world

InspirationSarah DeAngeloComment
Mt. Evans, CO

Mt. Evans, CO

Living in Colorado provides many opportunities for beautiful nature experiences.  This week, my family experienced something new.  Our first, and second "14ers".  For those unfamiliar with this term, that is a mountain above 14,000 feet elevation.  We took a scenic drive on the byway up to Mt. Evans, and then a cog railway up to Pikes Peak.  The views were spectacular.  Truly the top of the world.  The temperature drops about 30 degrees.  The air is so thin, you get light headed.  You are above the tree line, and the clouds.  You can see forever. 

My second love (after jewelry) is photography.  I love looking through the lens and finding the one pure moment.  The interesting angle.  The small detail.  Life is about moments.  Photography allows me to capture a moment, freeze it, distill it, and study it. 

I am often asked where do I find my inspiration.  My love of nature is a huge influence.  After visiting these two amazing vistas this week I am so excited to get back to jewelry making.  My soul feels at ease.  I feel reconnected to the earth.  That's when the best creativity flows. 

Mt. Evans, CO

Mt. Evans, CO

Pikes Peak, CO

Pikes Peak, CO


Takes you back to those mountain top experiences.